Dynamic Hitting Practice for Youth Softball
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Author: Andy Collins
Length: 31 minutes
Published: 2010
Format: Downloadable- DVD

Dynamic Hitting Practice for Youth Softball is designed for youth softball coaches who want to work on their team’s hitting skills and techniques in the most productive and time-efficient manner possible during practice. The DVD explains how coaches can effectively utilize both no-cost and low-cost methods to enhance the hitting ability of their players. The DVD also features a series of game-tested hitting drills that can be used to develop the key fundamentals involved in sound hitting.

Among the topics covered:

  • Practice goals
  • Examples of a typical boring practice
  • Examples of practice using hitting stations
  • Use a bat with a small sweet spot
  • Drills for different hitting styles
  • Toss-into-the-net drill
  • Slow-pitch drill
  • Bounce-tennis-ball drill
  • Product recommendations
  • Batting tee
  • RetractOBall
  • Wheeler-dealer soft toss machine
  • Personal pitcher pitching machine
  • Advantage of owning hitting equipment

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Dynamic Hitting Practice for Youth Softball

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